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Dynamic Web Proposals

RealScape not only creates your job in a virtual world, it also does something few other programs can do, it creates an impressive web page proposal for your customer.

Once you've laid out the Siteplan in Realscape, you can create screenshots of the project from any angle. You overlay fences and other RealScape models onto digital photographs. You can attach PDF documents like contracts or product literature. The program automatically adds in the names and specifications of the fences on the proposal. The web page proposal has extensive areas for adding project descriptions and notes and includes your logo, a company introduction and the salespersons picture and biography.

You can layout a video tour of the project in Realscape by designating points in the world as stops on a video tour. When you compile the video, the camera will travel from stop to stop 'filming' the route to produce the finished video. You can change fence heights, styles or colors, or open gates as you produce the video. An MP3 audio file can be attached to the video as a soundtrack. You can use the included outdoor background sounds, your own recorded message, or attach any appropriate MP3 file. The video tour of the project is one of the main elements on the web proposal page.

Once you're happy with the presentation, you can save and publish it to the web. RealScape combines all of the elements you have created and assembles the webpage. Publishing the web page proposal can also trigger automatic text and email messages with links to the proposal, to the customer. The proposal can even be delivered to web enabled mobile phones.

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