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3D Project Modeling Photo Imaging Dynamic Web Proposals
RealScape is a three dimesional outdoor project modeling program that will bring your projects and proposals to life. Whether your fence project is on the flat, up a steep grade, or down and up a gully, your customers will see their fence project come to life in the RealScape three dimesional world.

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RealScape also has a Photo Overlay mode where fences and other models can be superimposed onto digital photographs of your customer's property. This is easier than in other programs because Realscape handles the perspective for you.

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RealScape not only creates your job in a virtual world, it also does something few other programs can do, it creates an impressive web page proposal for your customer. If you are looking to set your company apart from the rest, this is the tool that will do it.

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Detailed 3D Assets Simple 2D CAD Interface Social / Viral Marketing
RealScape comes with hundreds of vinyl and ornamental fence models, structural models of residential and commercial buildings, plant models, and numerous assorted ground coverings. It is an ever growing library of resources.
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You create your 3D project using a simple 2D Interface, the RealScape Siteplan. You shape the project you are creating by adding any of the many resources in RealScape to the Siteplan with a simple click and place technique. These assets will all come together and inflate into your 3D project when you click the 3D render button.
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Everyone talks about viral marketing these days but how many of us know how to take advantage of it? We do. The web proposal that RealScape produces can be shared by your customer through email invitations and social networking sites. As you know new and exciting things spread quickly through the internet. Don't you want a stronger presence there?

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