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Questions and Answers

What are the hardware requirements to run RealScape?

RealScape utilizes the lastest technology in 3D graphics, computational science, and cloud based architecture. In order to utilize these technologies RealScape has a set of minimun requirements.


  • Windows Vista and newer OS.
  • 2+ GB RAM, 200MB HD storage.
  • High speed internet connection.
  • An nVidia or ATI graphics card.

RealScape Viewer

  • Windows Vista and newer OS.
  • 2+ GB RAM, 50-100MB HD storage.
  • High speed internet connection.

What is RealScape?

RealScape is a three dimensional outdoor project modeling and visualization program that will elevate your proposals beyond any competition. Whether the fence project is on the flat, up a grade, or down and up a gully, your customers will see their project come to life in RealScape’s vivid three dimensional world.

RealScape’s cloud based architecture allows you to access the program and your projects from any computer. You design the project using RealScape’s simple, intuitive, two dimensional Siteplan. RealScape processes that information and creates a ‘virtual’ world of the job site and your fence project. You can navigate throughout this world and look at the project in incredible detail from any elevation or angle.

RealScape not only creates your job in a virtual world, it also does something few other programs can. It creates a web page proposal for each customer. Your customers will never again have to imagine how their fence project will look. RealScape brings the project to life right before their eyes.

What is RealScape Viewer?

RealScape Viewer is the Home Version of RealScape. It enables your clients, customers, their friends, and friends of friends to open a RealScape 3D project, navigate through it and view it from any angle. They can change house colors, take screenshots and create videos, all branded with your company logo. It is available for download free of charge to your customers.

How easy is it to learn?

RealScape uses a simple two dimensional siteplan interface to layout the three dimensional project world. Placing assets like buildings, fences, plants and ground cover on the siteplan is accomplished with a click of the mouse. There is absolutely no setup required for RealScape.

If you can click a mouse and you have played a video game, you can run RealScape.

If you can move a mouse and press a key on the keyboard at the same time, you can run RealScape.

How will RealScape help close more sales?

RealScape combines all of the elements created in the program (a video tour, screenshots, photo overlays, notes, specs, and attached PDF files) and assembles and publishes an impressive webpage proposal that your customers will find irresistible. Publishing can also trigger text and/or email messages to the customer with a link to the proposal. The proposal can be viewed on any computer and can even be delivered to web enabled mobile phones.

The proposal webpage also contains links to email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, enabling your customer to share the page with friends, family and neighbors. The web page has a lead capture form to facilitate connecting you with these new prospects.

How customizable is RealScape to my product lines/names?

You can assign your own style names and specification descriptions to fences and remove styles you don't sell from RealScape menus.

How many computers can I run RealScape on?

You can run RealScape from any computer that has adequate hardware and has an internet connection. Our cloud based architecture allows you to access all you projects and information from any computer.

Can multiple salespeople share a single RealScape login?

RealScape accounts (logins) cannot be shared between multiple users. RealScape was designed around the concept of maximizing sales presentations and providing interactive customer communication systems. These system provide realtime information and communication between a salesperson and the prospective customer. If multiple salespeople where to share a single account, these communication systems would become unreliable. If by accident or inquisitiveness multiple users do login to a single account, both sessions keys will be overwritten and both applications with close abruptly.

How much is RealScape 3D?

The initial cost of the RealScape 3D company license is $2750.00. There is also a monthly charge of $50.00 per registered user.

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