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Fence Specifications

RealScape comes with hundreds of variations of vinyl, ornamental, and wood fence specifications. These specifications are easily changed in the program. A couple of mouse clicks and that 48" vinyl picket fence can transform into an arched, scalloped, privacy fence or even morph into an ornamental design. You can change the height, post spacing, color and caps for each specification on the fly We are continually adding fence specifications to RealScape 's libraries. Our cloud based architecture gives RealScape users realtime access to these specifications and libraries.

Structural Models

Cape Cod
Split Level
RealScape comes with three dimensional models for residential houses, detached garages, commercial buildings, backyard sheds, pools, playground equipment and a hot tub. These models are so detailed that one can walk under overhangs and even 'virtually' stand on the porch of a house to see how a fence will look after it is built. RealScape's cloud based architecture ensures that you will always have immediate access to our continually expanding asset libraries.

Plant Models

RealScape includes models for assorted trees, bushes and flowers. Landscaping adds a great deal to RealScape screenshots and video, enhancing the sense of realism. All of these plants are scalable, meaning that one can increase (or reduce) their relative size simulating the plants maturing.

Ground Coverings

Flower Box
The ground covering tools in RealScape include intersecting streets, driveways, alleys, concrete, gravel, flowerbeds, snow cover, water, terrain, woodlands and paths. These enable you to construct very accurate project environments.

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