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RealScape Home.Beta

Create your own 3D world today. Free non-commercial home version.

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The RealScape3D Home Beta Program is an easy to use, three dimesional, outdoor project modeling program. RealScape enables you to quickly and easily render your own unique environments from urban, to suburban, rural or even fantasy worlds. You can tour these worlds, viewing them and taking screenshots from any angle or elevation. You can even produce a video tour of your 3D creation.

Realscape comes with many pre-designed resources for residential and commercial buildings, streets, sidewalks, roads, alleys and lanes, wood, vinyl and ornamental fences, trees, bushes, garages, sheds, pools and other backyard accessories. We refer to these resources as 'assets'. New assets and program features are deployed to you from the 'cloud' with each log in. In addition, there are tools to create your own custom assets.

Best of all, RealScape3D Home.Beta Version is FREE! Just register and download it and you will be ready to see and share your vision.

RealScape World

SitePlan Interface

Model Forge

Terrain Editor

The RealScape World

RealScape enables you to create a vivid, three dimensional virtual world and navigate through it. You can view your world in incredible detail from any location, elevation or angle. You will no longer have to imagine how your project will appear, RealScape will bring the project to life before your eyes. You can then use RealScape tools to capture screenshots and even create a multimedia video tour of your creation that can be shared with your friends and contacts. Three dimensional visualization is a tool that can benefit homeowners, landowners, contractors, landcape designers, documentarians, gamers - anyone with a need to create outdoor virtual world environments.

Site Plan Interface

Site Plan is a simple 2D interface that allows you to lay out your project, place assets, and then render them into a robust three dimensional world. All of your assets are available by simply clicking the ADD button. Placing the asset is as simple as Drag & Drop.

You can zoom into the Siteplan for precise placement control or zoom out for easy navigation. You can edit or delete previously placed items. You can reflect elevation variations of fences by right-clicking a terminal post and entering the elevation change (in inches) from the previous terminal post. Entering a positive number makes the ground elevation and the fence on it rise, while a negative number makes it fall. These elevation variations will be reflected the next time the world is 'Rendered".

Once you’ve laid out the project on the RealScape Siteplan, a click on the 3D World button will render your flat 2D Siteplan into a robust, fully accessible three dimensional world ready to explore.

Model Forge

Model Forge enables you to quickly design and build custom three dimensional structures. You control rooflines, roofing and siding textures, colors, and have multi-story window, door and accessory placement capabilities. RealScape has a library of windows, doors, accessories and textures to choose from. You can also add your own graphics to truly customize your structures.

Model Forge can construct virtually any type of building as easily as stacking building blocks. You layout your building footprint by drawing simple rectangles. Adjust the attributes of the boxes such as height, roof type, texture and color, and apply graphics for windows, doors, and other accessories. Once completed, you can save your creation as a RealScape model and can place it into your 3D world.

Terrain Editor

Terrain Editor gives you the tools to define the topography of your 'world'. You can customize the terrain for your RealScape project by "painting" elevation variations on the Terrain Editor canvas. The 'paint' colors define the size and elevation of your topography. Upon entering the RealScape 3D world, this painted on terrain renders into hills, hummocks, valleys, creeks, and gullies, reflecting the variations in landscape elevations on your project site.

Hardware Requirements

RealScape3D requires Windows Vista or Windows 7, an internet connection, and an NVIDIA or ATI dedicated graphics card.

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