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Simple 2D to 3D SitePlan Interface

You create a 3D project using a simple 2D Interface, the RealScape Siteplan. You can add any of the resources in RealScape to the Siteplan with a simple click and place technique. Residential and commercial buildings, trees, shrubs, flowers, backyard accessories, terrain, streets and driveways, paint textures, various ground covers and hundreds of ornamental and vinyl fence styles and variations are available by clicking the +ADD button.

You can zoom into an area of the Siteplan for precise placement control or zoom out for easy navigation. You can edit or delete previously placed items. You control the terrain with the ability to make and define hills and valleys. You can reflect elevation variations of the fence by left clicking a terminal post and entering the elevation change (in inches) from the previous terminal post. Entering a positive number makes the elevation, and the fence on it, rise while a negative number triggers falling elevation. You can even raise or lower the water table.

Once you’ve laid out the project on the RealScape Siteplan, a click on the 3D World button will render this flat 2D Siteplan into a robust, fully accessible three dimensional world almost ready for delivery to your customer.

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